"... a Book of Verse ... And Wilderness is paradise enow."


The joy and the boy of the bouncing
Belly of ballyhoo, bursting of seams
And dreams blown on exploding breath
Into a mixture of rollicking
Rainbows and stars and fairs
Of music, with no cares
And no heads to ache.
O the heartís hallelujahs make
Men free and alive and long after
Chuckle the echoes of their laughter Ö


Birds, summer full bellied, sing
And fling their reckless flight
Like laughter of the light
Down the warmly dozing summer air.
And dimpled daydreams throng
Along the avenues of the young
Hoping and provoking their ways to be wise,
Not with the thin winter wisdom
Of the brain, but of the blood and the bud
And the fruit famous with their legends of love
And laughter, song and will to be strong.
O sing sluggard senses, sing!
Sing with the wind in the leaves,
With the wild word
Shy to the tongue
Of the pedant dusting his vowels
And consonants in the lumber room year,
And bear on a song the world
Radiant from the lips of girls
Gathering honey of kisses to praise
This shining and begetting time.

Oh mating and making undone!
One dream was not enough to hold.
It told only half the story,
Undressed the naked of their shame
And blessed them back to children
To try again to bring the whole story.

Give me, glory of living, my life
Back into my hands, to make
And mould into a shape of flesh
And blood and heart to beat
So strongly in its love to wake
The seven sleepers on the Elysian shore,
So they shall sing into my mind
A singing where my tongue is dumb,
A seeing where my eyes are blind.


River bank, heroin and curlew,
Willows whispering to the water
On the breath of the breeze
Secrets only the fishes know.
I sit and wonder, watching the river flow
As placidly as passing time
This peaceful Sunday afternoon;
A canoe glides by quiet
As a basking crocodile.
A tree sighs sleepily,
A leaf falls, treading the air
Lighter than a ballet dancer
Spins a pirouette,
And touches the water gently
Like a farewell kiss.
The reeds sway as a choir
Of children singing a favourite hymn.
I watch and listen, recording
This summer afternoon in my album of memories
To take out and lighten a darker day.